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Kia Ora!!! Welcome to the DigiMax blog. We are a digital class of Year 7 and 8 students at St Andews Middle School in Hamilton, New Zealand. Join us as we enter the world of blogging where we will be sharing our thoughts, goals and work completed in class. We hope you enjoy our blog and visit again soon. Please leave us a comment.


Blog Rules
1.  Never post anything personal.  No last names, phone numbers, addresses or birthdays.    
2.  Always use appropriate language; after all, this is still a school activity!
3.  Respect your classmates and their ideas.  Just like in class, we never put people down.  If you disagree, do so with respect and kindness.
4.  Best spellings are required.  This is not myspace!  Spell out words as correctly as you can and try to use proper punctuation. Go back and 'Edit Entry' later if you realise there is a mistake, or someone else mentions it to you.
5.  Practice, practice, practice.  For the rest of your life you will be expected to use computers.  If you are not used to it yet, that is okay!  You are allowed to make mistakes and you are allowed to ask for help.  Just keep practicing!
6. In classtime you may only write posts. Save the comment writing and the changing of screen settings for at home.
What is a blog??


Wonderful Learners in the DigiMAX Class



Copy these diagrams into your book and answer questions: http://downloads.bbc.co.uk/schools/teachers/ks2bitesize/worksheets/changing_circuits.pdf





Use these activities to help you with your inferencing skills.





Use this link for 3 different quizes on scanning. Make sure you look for the key words then scan the text to find the answers. Try and get 100% at all levels.


This following Animoto is of our Xbox day at Southwell School where we met students from Southwell and Cambridge Middle School who we have been collaborating with online for Viva Pinata. We also got to skype with the creator of the game.




Science Lab

Every week we will be going to the scince lab to do a new experiment. This week we looked at an "Endothermic Reaction".



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